Korean Food Tastes Good

The posters below were created by a
Korean public relations specialist
in order to advertise Korean food to foreigners.
Each poster promotes different Korean food or
drink and stars a popular Korean celebrity.

This is grilled marinated beef or pork.

This is a fermented side dish made of cabbage, chili powder,
and various other seasonings such as garlic, oyster sauce, etc.
It is the most widely known Korean dish.

This dish has warm white rice, seasoned vegetables, and
soybean paste or chili pepper paste.
You stir all these together
before eating.

It is a traditional Korean alcohol made of fermented rice.

Even if you don't remember the
celebrities in these posters,
or have never even seen these posters,
you should definitely try the dishes listed above if you come
to Korea. They are very delicious.


Japan's Rising Sun Flag and Germany's Swastika

Japan's Rising Sun Flag and
Germany's Swastika are equivalent --
both represent the atrocities that these countries
committed during World War Two.

Germans are ashamed of the swastika and do not use it:
they are aware of what the Nazis committed.
However, Japanese are not ashamed of using the Rising Sun Flag.

Please point this out:
The Rising Sung Flag is the Asian equivalent of the Swastika.
It symbolizes Japan's wartime crimes,
so Japanese people should not use the flag.
Do they not know what the flag represents?


About fullkorea

Since Full Korea was launched in January of 2010, 
it has introduced South Korea 
to countless foreigners all over the world. 
Since the inception of this site,
67,328 people from the United States,
11,873 from Israel, 11,650 from France,
10,000 from Ukraine,  and 5,000 from Germany
have accessed the website.

The number of people who visited the site
from Russia, China, Canada, Indonesia, and other
countries totals 10,000.

Approximately 120,000 people outside of
South Korea have visited the website.
This blog has introduced South Korea to about
20,000 foreigners every year.
This number of visitors can be considered small by some,
and large by others.
It is certain that the number of visitors cannot be
considered staggering.
It can definitely become bigger.

United States 67,328
South Korea 13,397 
Israel 11,873
France 11,650
Ukraine 10,042
Germany 5,076
Russia 3,509
China 3,244
Canada 2,365
Indonesia 2,198
Despite the small number of visitors,
Full Korea has been informing foreigners about South Korea
for the past six years. That fact is something I am proud of.


Global Response to the Oxy Incident

Reckitt Benckiser Korea (Oxy) had
produced and sold humidifier sterilizers
called Oxy Ssag-ssag (옥시싹싹).

This product killed 146 people, 
who were mostly pregnant women.
According to investigations led by the
South Korean government,
80.3% of the research subjects (404 people)
had used the Oxy product.
The harm done by Oxy must be told to the whole world.

The head of Oxy is apologizing to the South Korean public.
However, Oxy products had caused fatalities in 2011.
It took five years for the head of Oxy to apologize.
And why did it take five years for this tragedy to gain
attention from the media?
It is truly frustrating and sad.

this file name is "oxy-out.jpg"

Did you not purchase Oxy products during those five years?
Reckitt Benckiser is a global brand.
The fatalities caused by Oxy is not 
South Korea's problem alone. 

Do you have Reckitt Benckiser or
Oxy products in your house?
The South Korean society is trying to
increase global awareness of this Oxy incident.