South Korea and its History as a Sports Powerhouse (Olympic)

South Korea is a small country.
Its population is about 50 million and
its land mass ranks 109th in the world.
Despite its small population and territory,
South Korea has a strong economy that ranks
between 9th and 10th in the world.
South Korea is also the country of the first Asian female president.
Some of the nation's companies such as
Samsung, LG, and Hyundai Motor Company are multinational brands.
In addition, the nation's sports level is outstanding.

South Korean athletes are expected to perform well in the 
Rio de Janeiro Olympics this year. 
(South Korea is the farthest country from Brazil). 

South Korea ranked 7th and 5th in 2008 Beijing Olympics and
2012 London Olympics respectively.
South Korea's land mass may be
incomparable to those of Olympics host countries,
but its performances in these sports events are on par
with countries such as Brazil, Argentina, China, etc.


South Korea's reaction towards North Korea's provocation of nuclear weapons

North Korea shows possibility of
launching nuclear weapon to South Korea.
This news has been introduced worldwide through diverse media.
It is why South Korea is considered as a very dangerous country.

However, South Korea is a nation full of peace.
Public security is one of the best in the world,
and the news of North Korea's nuclear weapon is
no longer eye-catching to users of portal sites like Naver.com.
It seems that South Koreans have confidence that
South Korea is a very safe nation, and that
there is no actual possibility of North Korea launching nuclear weapon.
It is no longer a surprise that the best 'search word' on the day 
North Korea threatened South Korea with rockets was 'cosmetics'.

Because of this political circumstance,
South Korea's stocks are undervalued and
personnel expenses are relatively high.


Fullkorea introduces South Korea to almost 1000 foreigners everyday.

Fullkorea is a blog that introduces the news of South Korea in English.
It basically deals with topics such as
ordinary life, politics, and sports of South Korea.
Other than that, it supports racial equality based on
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Korean pop music was great by PSY

We call South Korea's popular music K-POP,
and it has been very long since K-POP artists seized the
highest ranks of music charts in China, Japan,
and other countries in Southeast Asia.
Yet, the biggest incident ever would be
Psy's world-hit song, GANGNAM STYLE.
I guess you would have heard of it, and that is K-POP.
Time passed by, but Psy Is still actively working as Korea's K-POP artist.
Psy's 7th album, together with will.i.am of Black Eyed Peas
and Ed Sheeran, a British singer,
was launched on December, 2015.

The new album, just like it used to be,
is fun and exciting. I hope everyone could enjoy it!
K-Pop is no more a strange genre.
It has already become one of the major genres of worldwide music.
Now, here's a question.
Then, do you know BigBang?