naver.com is Korea’s Portal Dinosaur

naver.com is Korea’s Portal Dinosaur

Google and Yahoo are dominating search engine worldwide.
However, it is different for Korea.
The market share of “Naver (www.naver.com),”
a portal site indigenous to Korea, is as high as 80%.

Facebook and Instagram are almost the
only overseas services that settled in Korea.
The number of Instagram users is also declining.

Koreans have a strong Korean taste.
A portal site and website that reflect the taste as it is draw popularity.
Also, due to the fastest internet speed in the world and number of smartphone supply,
contents with large capacity are easily absorbed.
Thus, a website that prioritizes on text-based contents
like Google might feel a bit boring in Korean society.

Naver, Korea’s portal site, can be expressed as Google’s future.


LGBT Festival Held in Seoul

LGBT Festival Held in Seoul

Korea is such a conservative country.
Since long ago, people have used the honorific form to older people.
Elders like younger people listening to their words and behaving to their will.
People with a challenging and enterprising spirit cannot success.
Most rich people in Korea are within the fence of conservative people.

The current South Korean president is Park, Geun-hye.
Her father was also a president.
Her incompetence was not an obstacle for her to become a president.
Conservative people elected her
as a president as they were lost in old memories of liking his dad.
This country is messy and out of order now.
In such conservative country,
Korea Queer Culture Festival, a festival for LGBTs, was held.

It is hard to understand the elders’ cry that this country,
hardly-rebuilt by toiling day and night, will be ruined due to homosexuality.
However, due to a trouble with
conservative people, this festival had to be stopped times.
Is homosexuality really ruining the country?
For them, homosexuality is disgusting and aversive, as they wear Hanbok,
the traditional Korean dress, show up at the festival, and
cry in front of homosexuals, holding a picket like that.

South Korea is still conservative.


Apple Music Streaming Cannot Enter Korea

Apple Music Streaming Cannot Enter Korea

Apple recently released a music streaming
(streaming: offers music on the Internet in real time) service.
However, it cannot enter Korea.

Thanks to the best internet speed infrastructure in the world,
almost 10 music websites that are ahead of
Apple Music are competing in the Korean market.
10 years ago, they already solved the copyright issue that
Apple is currently facing.

Korean music websites are easy to use,
and the Korean pop market has already conquered Asia.
Apple cannot only understand Korean people’s music
but its platform is also hard to settle in Korea,
home to Samsung, where Android phones are more commonly used.
Also, it is no better than currently existing
Korean music streaming companies.

Korea does not use Google.
Korea does not use Apple.
Foreign services have not been able to settle in
Korea not because they are bad.
It is just because these services have not
surpassed the level of the services in Korea.


The Scary Speed of the Internet and Mobile in Korea

The Scary Speed of the Internet and Mobile in Korea

The country with the highest usage of mobile is Korea.
Korea’s usage index was ‘125,’ which became No.1 in the world.
Followed by Korea, America was the 2nd (standard country, 100),
Japan 3rd (90), Britain 4th (80), and Germany 5th (70).

Also, it has been checked that the speed of Korea’s Internet is about
5 or 6 times faster than the average speed of the world.
The average speed of Korea’s Internet is 25.3Mbps,
which is 5 or 6 times faster than
4.5Mbps, the average speed of the Internet in the world.
For the speed of Internet, Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland,
Sweden, Netherlands, and Ireland were after Korea.

Korea, the highest usage mobile rate and the fastest internet speed.
Likewise, every change is quick and uniform.
The entire nation, regardless of gender and age, know the news
and celebrity rumors that occurred in the morning by lunchtime.
Most Koreans use smartphones.
While walking on a street, at home, on the bus or subway,
in an elevator, and whether they have something to do or not,
they always have smartphones with them.
This is today’s Kroean society.
I hope that such remarkable changes and
infrastructure become good resources of Korean society.