Dia Frampton Participates in the Preliminary of Korean Music Audition Program

Dia Frampton appeared in the preliminary round of
“Super Star K,” a Korean music audition program.
She is already the second place winter of The Voice in 2011,
which is a music program by NBC in the U.S.

The size of Korean music market is like a miniature of the Asian music market.
It has been over decades that many other Asian countries such as
China, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand have called Korean songs as K-pop.
Also, sweeping Korean music creates an effect like sweeping throughout entire Asia.

Since Gangnam Style,
Korean music has often appeared on Billboard Music chart.
Clearly, there is an enough reason that Dia Framptom has decided to

come to Korea and participate in a Korean music audition program.


디아프램튼, 한국 음악 오디션 프로그램 예선참가.

디아프램튼 (dia frampton) 이
한국의 음악 오디션 프로그램, "슈퍼스타 k" 의
예선무대에 등장했다.
그녀는, 이미 미국 NBC 에서 진행하는
The Voice 의 2011년 준우승자다.

한국 음악시장의 크기는 아시아를 축소한것과 같다.
이미 중국, 일본, 대만, 태국 등 여러 아시아국가는. 
한국의 노래를 k-pop 이라 부르기 시작한지 수십년이 지났고.
한국음악을 휩쓰는것은, 아시아 전체를 휩쓰는것과 같은 효과를 낳는다.

강남스타일 이후,
한국음악은, 줄곧 빌보드차트에 직행하기도 한다.
그녀가 한국에 와서 오디션 프로그램에 다시 참가한 이유. 
충분히 있다.


We respect Mr. Kyeongdeok Seo’s promotion of Korea

We respect Mr. Kyeongdeok Seo’s promotion of Korea

We Full Korea respect Mr. Kyeongdeok Seo’s promotion of Korea.
However, some raise objections to Mr. Seo’s promotion ways as follows.

But we are wondering what outcome for the promotion of Korea
that the person who wrote this has made.
Of course, we do not believe that Mr. Seo’s actions are all correct.
There are many things to be improved.
We Full Korea are also a bit sorry that Mr. Kyeongdeok Seo’s aim to
has become like
However, don’t you think small promotional activities of Korea should come together?
As you know, the government does not take the initiative to do anything.

Although a civil diplomatic body’s actions are not that good enough,
we should encourage each other and improve them.


North Korea Fires Artillery at South Korea

North Korea Fires Artillery at South Korea

Korea is the only divided nation in the world.
It is divided into North Korea and South Korea.
It has not been reunified yet.
While Germany was divided into East Germany and West Germany
and was reunified into one nation later,
in Korea, North Korea fired artillery at a speaker through which
South Korea sends announcements toward North Korea.
130 residents in the area escaped.
South Korea fired back at the North in return.

The feeling that a war will begin has been continuing for decades.
The division of Korea into South and North started
when both were divided into two different regimes in July 1947,
so Korea has been divided for 67 years as of 2015.
North Korea provokes the South every 3 to 4 years.
Recently, the Chinese stock market keeps dropping.
South Korea, the 10th largest economy in the world, is heavily influenced by China.
On top of this, North Korea also provoked South Korea,
which is having a bit troubled day.