Almeng, the strong powerful front-runner of Kpop star3, entered Top 8.

Almeng, the strong powerful front-runner of Kpop star3, entered Top 8.

The most possible front-runner of Kpop star3 might be Almeng.
Basically Kpop star selected some a singer with good singing ability, but the real
purpose of the audition is the debut of new faces on the Korean Kpop market with
sincere and creative stage.
This is why Almeng is the effective front-runner, because Almeng received
honorable mention at every stage.
Naturally without any difficulty Almeng entered Top 8.

Especially, the ability of write the lyrics with a story by the female vocalist,
Choi Rin, must be really remarkable.

Choi Rin was dropped out from various audition
because of uncomely appearance, she confessed.
So, her writing contains the unfair past.
"I'm not pretty and not beautiful but charm enough to to sing"
"When the singers should be pretty"
"But all of you are only pretty unnecessary"

For the first time, while watching Kpop star3 I had a fevertion.
How could be it written such kind of the lyrics... And the courage to cry out in
spite of bad condition of the throat, with only harsh voice
challenged to have a head-to-head contest...
Not with the singing ability,
but with getting goose bumps Choi Rin showed her honesty in Almeng.
With the reason, Almeng might be the perfect front-runner in Kpop star3.

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