Korea’s Interest towards EPL Soccer

Korea’s Interest towards EPL Soccer

European and South American countries are good at soccer.
Soccer has a very high popularity in Korea.

Cha Beom Geun is still on Frankfurt Legend Best 11.
His soccer skills were comparable to those of Franz Beckenbauer,
Germany’s soccer hero.
When Michael Ballack, a German soccer player visited Korea, he said that
he was honored to come to Korea, the country of his hero “Cha Beom Geun.”

During 2002 Korea Japan World Cup, Korea advanced to the semifinals.
After that historical record, Park Ji Sung, Lee
Young Pyo, Son Heung Min, Ki Seong Yong,
Koo Ja Cheol, and many other Korean soccer players are
being active in the EPL in Europe.

Since the time difference Korea has with
Europe and South America is almost 12 years,
people have to stay all night to watch European soccer (also known as the EPL).
However, according to Korea’s portal site
Naver (Google has barely any users in Korea.
Naver occupies 75% of Korea’s internet users while Google 5%),

the names of EPL teams and famous players are ranked number 1 or 2 of
real-time search words.
European and South American soccer is very popular among Korean people.