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since January 2010 is succeeded and run by ‘’ from Feburary 1st 2013.
Texts, images and contents for which are incongruent of webpage’s
purpose among 600 contents over last 3 years is deleted. (Except for 40 contents) starts rendering the website language completely into English
since Feburary 1st 2013, and planning to regain reputation of one of the most
accessed Korean Culture blog among England,
America, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, China and Japan. was ranked No.1 on Google searched hit list by the keywords of
Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Korea, South korea etc during ‘’ running time.

The new will let all the westerner people strongly
know about the power and stature of South Korea without hiding.
On behalf of South Korean Blogs and Google media, we will do our best. will communicate and understand with all varieties of international foreigners and humankinds.

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