Full Korea

Full Korea

This Google blog site, Fullkorea.com aims to let its subscribers know about South Korea.
What does come up in your mind, when you hear the word Korea?

When you search the”Korea’’ on Google,
you can find a great deal of news about North Korea.
Because its news is fascinating, the world press is focusing on it.
The problem of South Korea is that it doesn’t have a specific and clear image.
You can think of the statute of liberty, New York, NASA, Hollywood,
Wall Street when you think of the U.S.
Also, London, Football (EPL), The Beatles, Tower Bridge, the clock tower,
Big Ben when you hear the word, the Great Britain.

South Korea’s key words Psy’s Gangnam style,
world famous smart phones, Samsung, which has overpowered the TV market, LG,
which has great electronic devices, Hyundai, Kia, the brand of best cars,
the cultural and economical empire which has produced the UN ambassador.
It has been on the top ten, of the Olympics and has been playing for the
World Cup 8 times in a row.
South Korea is the top ten economical empire.
All of the citizens receive medical support from goverment,
the university enterance rate pf the teens are almost 100%.
The fastest internet is used in the world,
over 50% of its people uses smart phones.
It’s also the country which has come up with the space industry as well as the
U.S, Russia, Japan and China.

We, the Fullkorea.com aim to prevent the focus of the news being the North Korea.
That’s our (Fullkorea.com’s) job.

Our Google blog site has been made to let its viewers know about South Korea exactly.

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