Korean Game, Latin America Advanced

Korean Game, Latin America Advanced

Korea use 100MB Internet.
so almost koreans are playing and enjoy the internet 3D Game.
fast speed internet is possible to increase of Game market, and
many Game Companies got famous overseas.

Game companies in the emerging gaming market in Korea is
rapidly emerging in Latin America Advanced Somebody.
Held a population of 550 million people from South America yet
Online Games Domestic market is not big companies the opportunity to
shape the land of this vast area .

Currently being developed to export the game to advance the
Governor has taken established the localization strategies .
26 days , according to recent industry penetration into the
Internet infrastructure, the rapidly
 growing Internet population in the Latin America,
Nexon, emgeim , HanbitSoft, FHL Indigenous Games,
and advancement of gaming companies are increasing noticeably.

Targeting emerging markets in South America declared
emgeim (NYSE gwonyihyeong ) 7 ` a ` public service operations began.
' Valiant ' is currently being developed in advance of Latin America has
signed an export contract of ' Argo ' entry is approaching .

Nexon Corporation (CEO , gangsincheol people ) in Brazil in
recent first-person shooter (FPS) game ' Combat Arms '
public service began . Combat Arms concurrent users of 10,000 people ,
the number of subscribers exceeded 300,000 people ,
and also are running the show . Nexon representatives in the last game in
2008 'Maple Story` Markets,

and Brazil BasedBecause of the subsequent game is
gaining momentum in advance of the game.

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