south Korea is too Peace, peaceful

south Korea is too Peace, peaceful

korea have 2 region.
north korea and south korea.
north korea is communistic, and south korea is democracy country.

if you went to korea or tell about korea,
maybe it`s the south korea.
strictly speaking, korea are in a state of civil war.
but south korea is peaceful.
so south korea is top country of the world.
i think, south korea is more peaceful than USA any more.

so koreans haven`t a gun.
once more, if you send a present box to korean friend by DHL or Fedex etc -
but your friend and he`s familys are not staying his house.
how will the delivery man be take ?,
He, just put off a front of door.
why ?, don`t steal that anybody.
why ?, korean peoples are belive each other.
can you understand ? it`s a small life situation.
but another countrys are not.

You see this situation on only, just Korea.
south korea is global 10 grade country.
didn`t or can`t believe my talk ?
Ok, if you have been to korea, you`ll be change.
you didn`t know the south korea.