Korea is Asian culture leader

Korea is Asian culture leader

I think popular culture has 3 big category. that Music, Movie, Poem.
Asia big countrys are China, Japan, Korea.
they make almost pop asian culture.
so almost cultures are belong to Western Style.
but Asia has theirs feature fan and pop style.
concert of western singer stage is often empty.
and almost eastern people don`t know them.
example - Sharon Stone, Holly Hunter, Uma Thurman, and Mariah Carey ?
but asian know TVXQ. Super junior, and 周杰倫  (Jay Chou),
SMAP, きむらたくや (木村拓哉, Kimura Takuya).

Mariah Carey ? Who ?.
but Kimura Takuya and Jay Chou are Hero japan and china culture.
so recently, Korean Pop ranked No.1 in Japan Music chart.
theirs name is KARA.

maybe, eastern pop cultures are better than western.

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