Korean Super Bowl CF

Korean Super Bowl CF

American’s one of the best interests is who wins the super bowl championship.
However, global citizen have more interest in which company shoots
commercial and how much the advertising expense is.
And also, Korean company took over this super bowl commercial.

HYUNDAI, KIA, SAMSUNG advertise their products one after the other.
At halftime, PSY does the horsey dance. And there are all Korean companies,
and Korean people. South Korea spends a lot of money for America like this.

America is populous nation. So of course it has a lot of consumers.
Many Americans use HYUNDAI cars and Samsung Galaxy smart phones.
Some stupid white guys don’t even know where South Korea is.
They think Koreans are dangerous people because of North Korea,
and needy because they are Asian.
This is not because Koreans are foolish, but because of USA’s stupidity.
Or, due to the low educational quality of America.
South Korea is the nation which made it to the semi-finals of the World Cup,
and ranked 5th in the Olympics not only of Companies.
Notwithstanding this feat, if USA doesn’t aware of South Korea,
I’m afraid this is to put the blame for American, American government and their education.

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