Naver new business

Naver new business

Do you know www.naver.com ?
it`s famous korean portal site (market share 70% in korea, google is just 5%)
service name is naver.com.
that company name is NHN.

NHN Corp., the operator of South Korea's top portal Naver.com,
said Wednesday it plans to set up two subsidiaries as part of efforts to
strengthen its mobile business.

NHN said it has won board approval to inject 40 billion won (US$37 million)
each to "Camp Mobile" and "LINE Plus."

Under the plan, the company will hold a 100 percent stake in
Camp Mobile, which will pioneer NHN's new mobile services.

NHN will also own a 40 percent stake in "LINE Plus,"
which will support the company's flagship mobile messenger service
LINE that recently achieved 100 million downloads globally.
NHN Japan will hold the remaining 60 percent stake.
The company, meanwhile, said it plans to spin off Hangame,
a game unit it acquired in 2000, as part of efforts to boost competitiveness.

NHN said it plans to announce a detailed schedule for the
spin-off in the future, without elaborating further.
The company is set to announce its fourth-quarter earnings on Thursday.