Gangnam Style Superbowl

Gangnam Style Superbowl

south Korean rapper Psy is going nuts.
Not content with starring in the most-watched video
in YouTube history, the man behind viral hit “Gangnam Style”
is to appear in a Super Bowl commercial for pistachios.

“The Wonderful Pistachios brand is fun, just like me,”
Psy said Wednesday by way of a press release from Paramount Farms,
which owns the upmarket California snack label.
“Also, I love pistachios and I look good in green.”

It will be Wonderful Pistachios’ first spot ever during the Super Bowl,
the annual American football classic, set for Feb.
3 this year, that is also the most coveted
showcase for commercials on U.S. television.

Psy made Internet history shortly before Christmas
when “Gangnam Style” ― featuring his signature horse-riding dance ―
clocked more than one billion views on YouTube.

CBS television has been selling Super Bowl advertising at record prices this year,
with 30 seconds going for more than $4 million,
 USA Today reported Wednesday, quoting network executives.

Last month, Wonderful Pistachios featured Filipino boxer
Manny Pacquiao in its ongoing “Get Crackin’”
series of commercials and sponsored his Las Vegas bout
with Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez.

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