John Kerry, Stupid King of the World

John Kerry, Stupid King of the World

John Kerry, newly –appointed Secretary of State
who starts to visit Europe and the Middle East region
joked to students from Berlin like this.
“If America wants, we have a right to become an idiots”
Is this even a humor? Haha Funny.

Netizen tweeted like this
“It’s like saying that our American people are stupid himself, even bother to go far away”
“Even stupidity becomes privilege? He should watch his mouth”
“We have to keep an eye on him working with stupid American”
“Privilege to become stupid, plus suffrage,
that is the result of American presidential election”

We all know they are stupid. So they are making a living by loan money from China.
Not just stupid, but currently impoverished. We are all aware of that.

Look at the stupid John Kerry standing
next to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
When Korean politician is working for world peace in the highest position of UN,
American Secretary of State said American people
are stupid representative as their country even in Germany.

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