Battlefield 4, korea top rank

Battlefield 4, korea top rank

EA, a game company launched Battlefield 4 last month on the 29th,
it was ranked the 10th most searched word on the Korean internet site, Naver.
The key words which most of the Korean internet users are
interested in are often ranked in the top ten and the
game Battlefield 4 was ranked the sixth position.
It proves its popularity.

Whereas, many internet users of the US use the website called Google,
only 10% of the Koreans use it and over 70% use a Korean one called Naver
and by becoming one of its highly ranked key words,
Battlefield 4 is becoming more popular.
The game Battlefield 4 us a game of battle and action of a good quality.

Korean gamers have won the first,
second place often in international game competitions for over ten years,
the pro gamers of the hit game of Blizzard called Star Craft are cases of this.
A Korean gamer of the game Starcraft
who had never won won the first place in the game league of North America.

The gamer of opposition used the skill of map hacking
lost 2:0 to the Korean gamer was in the hot topics.
I think that the game Battlefield 4 will also be a hit in South Korea as well as US.

If you think that you are a winner of the game Battlfield,
expect some competition from the Korean user!
On the bottom, you can see the video of the song
of an American praising a Korean gamer which was of 226 ten thousand views.
In the song you can hear the word ‘Bownja’
from time to time, this means “good” or “wow”
like the Gang nam style of South Korea.

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