Dodgers korean history

Dodgers korean history.

Do you know LA Dodgers ?

this team is very famous at almost korean.
because Korean Monster "Ryu" is playing in Dodgers.
Ryu is 3 starters Pitcher in Dodgers.

we are looking forward Ryu`s 7th play with ST.Louis.
But Clayton Kershaw was lose by st.louis cardinals.
we cant watch Ryu`s play.
if Kershaw was win. 7th game pitch starter is Ryu.
it`s so a pang, twinge of regret.

and .. Do you know "chan ho Park" ?
2000, 18 wins 10 lose, 3.27 ERA.
2001, 15 wins 11 lose, 3.50 ERA.

2013. Ryu is 14 win 8 lose.
also in LA Dodgers.

south korea has many strong pitchers.
2008 Beijing olympic game, Korea Team got a gold medal at Baseball.
( USA Team got bronze )

anyway. Kershaw was lose ..
we have to wait next year.

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