Gangnam style korea, PSY

Gangnam style korea, PSY

Psy is an Korean singer.
He released his first album on January of the year 2001.
The lyrics most of the songs which he included in the album
were the ones he wrote himself.
He has worked with Yoo Gun hyueng,
who was an member of the dance group ‘Untitled’
when producing his albums since the year 1996.

On the year 2012, the music video of ‘Gangnam style
of Psy hit two hundred million views in just two months.
The song went on the Bilboard charts,
Psy signed a contract with Justin Beavers manager
from the year 2012. It won the first place in the combined
I-tunes singles chart and British I-tunes.
Psy also sold some of the lyrics he wrote to several singers.
The main examples of them are
Im Chang jueng’s Bye, Lee senung gi’s My girl, Seu In young’s Cinderella,
DJ DOC’s I’m this kind of person.
As PSy has said, all of the songs stands out from the
any old American pop song and is an
example of Korean ballad and dance music.

The lyric of Gangnam style and Gentlemen was written by
both Yoo Gyeun hyueng and Psy.
In the comic movie called “This is the end” in which famous film stars star in,
the song Gangnam style is included in the OST.
There is a scene where, everyone dances the horse dance,
have a fun time and the song left a strong impression as well as the song
called ‘Everybody’ which is sung by the Backstreet boys.

Psy, a Korean singer is expected to release a new song
which is a following song to Gangnam style and Gentleman.
He has said that he doesn’t care that much about the rankings
of Bilboard charts or the effects it has and it makes me more
expectant to hear his new song of Korean culture.

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