Jay-z, Samsung Collaboration

Jay-z, Samsung Collaboration

The Samsung electronics,
an Korean company released Jay-z’s album called
‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ for the users of the tree smart phones of
Galaxy series~ Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 before its official releases.
The Samsung electronics came up with a
TV commercial which was three minutes long with Jay-z as the main character.

Samsung invests a great deal of money on the
U.S. According to the results,
Samsung electronics apparently puts in about three billion, three hundred dollars
than Apple. The company signed a contract of worth of twenty thousand dollars
with Jay-z for its collaboration with him.

Perhaps because of the effect of the marketing,
on this may, the, the number of the sold galaxy phones outran the one of I-phones.
An journal article was written about
whether more people use the smart phones of the brand of
Samsung than I-phones or not and the result was that
smart phones of the Galaxy series were more widely used.
Apple sued Samsung claiming that it imitated their I-phones

Even though Apple exceeds in the U.S, Samsung does in
most of the countries except the U.S
such as (Germany, The Great Britain, Japan and the Netherlands).
The scam of the attempt of the U.S in covering up its company’s
mishaps had become very widely known in South Korea and covered
the headlines. The fact that the Samsung electronics,
a Korean company is outstanding Apple is a fascinating thing.

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