Jonas Brothers with Wonder Girls

Jonas Brothers with Wonder Girls

Jonas Brothers are very popular amongst the people in the US.
But the reason why they became famous in South Korea is
because they collaborated with the Wonder girls
and not for their singing or dancing skills.

There are three main record companies in South Korea.
SM, which produced the Super junior, Girls generation and Dong bang shin ki.
YG, which came up with Psy, Big band and 2NE1.
JYP, which discovered the 2PM and Wondergirls.

The Super juniors were ranked in the top place in Taiwan for
121 weeks and 7th place for the most selling records.
On the year 2012, Psy was ranked on the 2nd place for the song,
Gangnam style which he produced and sang.
Dong bang shin ki, are recorded the Guniess book for
having the most number of fans in the world.

Such as this, numerous Korean singers are doing well 
abroad without much difficulty in South Korea and around the world.  
But the girl group, Wondergirls were very popular in 
South Korea before they started perforiming in the U.S 
after taking a rest from singing in South Korea.

As a result, the Wondergirls collaborated with Jonas brothers
on the year 2009 on the opeing of the tour in the U.S.
Perhaps because of the Jonas brothers’
popularity, Nobody, the hit ong of the Wondergirls were ranked the
76th place in the Bilboard awards on the year 2009.

They were the first Korean group to have been ranked in the
most popular 100 singles of the Bilboard charts since the year 1980.

Then, the Jonas brothers became known in South Korea.
Even though, Koreans do listen to American music,
they listen to Korean songs more.
The Korean music market, music is called the K-POP.

Most of the people who live in the
Asian area already know the meaning of the phrase, K-POP.
You can hear the song, Tell me or Nobody in anywhere in Asia.
The Jonas brothers are not as popular in the US as they are in South Korea.
How many of the Americans would know about how the
Jonas brothers became popular in
South Korea or Asia because they collaborated with the Wondergirls ?

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