korean island, Liancourt Rocks ?

korean island, Liancourt Rocks ?

All of the Korean regions are named in Korean. 
The name of its capital is Seoul, the name of the largest port city is  Pusan, 
the name of the area of political administration is Sae jong. 
There has never been a case when an Korean region has been named in other language than Korean. 
So, why is Dokdo, which is a Korean island named Liancourt rocks? 
There’s a simple reason for this, its named this way because of mark of error.

View the map : http://goo.gl/oYyds2

The Google map indicates which land belongs to which country by using a full line. 
The full line which points out from Oul leung do, 
a Korean island is so thin that the place which it points to cant be seen easily 
but it points to Dokdo. You have to expand the map in order to check this.

But why is Korean land named the Liancourt Rocks? Over two thousand people live in Dok do, 
all of them are Korean, not a single foreigner live there so why is it called the Liancourt Rocks? 
I have researched hard to find this out and never knew about it before.

Most Korean people don’t call Dok do the Liancourt Rocks, don’t know about this. 
Korean people often call America ‘M-kook’ and France ‘Bool ran seo’ as Korean slangs. 
But Korean people do not say that America is ‘Mi-kook’ 
or that France is ‘Bool ran seo’ when talking to foreigners. 
All of the Koreans know that hat type of way of calling these countries is only used in an 
Korean environment and 
isn’t suitable for abroad uses.   

Google is an global service. 
The mistake of naming a piece of Korean land to a name of a French boat should be taken back. 
But I’m only an blogger who uses the Google sevice who doesn’t have a great deal of effect. 
If you are interested in this, I hope that you will post or share this on 
your blog or SNS to let the wide world know about it.

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