We can give you free gift

We can give you free gift

Full Korea is a blog which lets its viewers know about
fair, true, in depth information in a way which is not dull but in a friendly way.
South Korea, is full of more stories other than Gangnam style,
Samsung, LG, North Korea and K-Pop.

Countries which are nearby South Korea such as China and Japan
are very interested in Korean culture.
South Korea is the first country which you should know about
before you want to learn about Asia.

If you are interested in South Korea, 
have shared an article which has been posted on the blog, 
fullkorea.com on your blog or SNS, 
we will give you a small gift (up to date till~2013/12/30)

We would like to give you a bookmark on which a traditional pattern is drawn on
which contains (24K) gold.
We will ship it free internationally.
All you have to do is just wait for it to be delivered to you.

Write the URL of the article you wrote,
choice number and necessary shipping information in the comment box
(your name, address of the country you live in, phone number) .
If there is extra information which is needed, 
write it all in order for your gift to be sent efficiently.

(sample reply) url : abc.com/123456, dragon (1),
name : jackson, USA, adress : OOO, ZIP Code : OOO, PHONE : OOO )

1. Dragon :
In stories and legends, a dragon is an animal like a big lizard.
It has wings and claws, and breathes out fire.

2. Phoenix :
A phoenix is an imaginary bird which,
according to ancient stories,
burns itself to ashes every five hundred years and is then born again.

The bookmark of Korean pattern which is of
Asian culture and tradition will shine in your hands.

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