Apple has to win over Samsung

Apple has to win over Samsung

Sometime earlier on, Apple sued Samsung.
There were trials in nine countries including the U.S,
The Netherlands, Japan, Germany, South Korea, The Great Britain, Italy,
France, Australia etc., Apple only won in the U.S and lost in the rest of the countries.
Especially, a company situated in The Great Britain
requested Apple, to post on its web site, that
‘’The Samsung electronics didn’t imitate Apple’s products’’.

Samsung only lost the battle in the U.S, the fact that the U.S tried to cover up
its antics were broadcasted as great news in South Korea,
the image of U.S became negative.
Samsung has to compensate 2 million and 9 thousand dollars to Apple for having lost.
How ridiculous this?
The U.S’s cover up of its own company’s mistake is such a pity.
But it can also be understanding.
If Apple can’t be protected by the U.S in this way, its reputation will fall further.
Due to the threat of Samsung, Apple called for SOS to its home country.
The U.S accepted its proposal.

I don’t use products of Apple, I use those of other brands instead.
There’s no longer any drastic change in Apple, it having lost Steve Jobs,
I can’t stand looking at the apple shaped trademark on the products having
thought of what Apple and U.S did.

It’s such a coward thing for the no.1 most valuable brand, Apple to treat
its competitive company.
The Samsung electronics, leads the global market.
In the market of Smart phones, South Korea’s
Samsung’s sale rate is 32% and the one of Apple of the U.S is 12%.
The Samsung electronics is expected to catch up on Apple, in the market of Tablet PC.
The Samsung electronics’ rate of sales rose up 7% to 20%,
but the one of Apple fell 4% to 26%.
Now, Apple has to win over Samsung.
Could it do that just with the support of the U.S.

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