George Zimmerman, and Racism

George Zimmerman, and Racism

On February of the year 2012, George Zimmerman,
who is a member of the regional civil militia (private military committee),
took a gun and shot a black male teen,
who was seventeen years old who was buying some
confectionary from a convenience store.

Zimmerman, claimed that his head was hit by the boy and shot him in protect himself.
The police accepted Zimmerman’s saying and
did not arrest him for forty four days.
The police arrested Zimmerman for the 2nd degree murder
but the jury of the court of Florida but was claimed not guilty
by the judge of the court of the state of Florida.
As he was released, the society of the black people and
human rights were furious. The most controversial fact is the
setup of the jury which was mostly consisted of the white people.
Over 30% if the citizens of the town of Sanford,
of the state of Florida are black but there was not a single one in the jury.

The name of George Zimmerman,
will remain as ‘a symbol of the conflicts between the black,
white people and racial prejudice’ even on the 21st century.
He, who was claimed to be innocent,
walked back into the court after pointing a gun at his girlfriend today.
Was he really innocent?

One thing which I can’t understand, is why do Americans still consider the
white people as superior?
Are we still living in the 1940s?

Recently, Koreans criticized that “white people,
especially those of nationality of America or the Great Britain are poor,
stupid and has a big mouth.”
Over 60% of the American soldiers who were sent to South Korea are white.
One Korean taxi driver claimed that “the white soldiers
who have come to South Korea cant even write their own name.”
The fact that, the soldiers who were sent to
South Korea from the U.S couldn’t get a job in their country,
came far here in order to work as a soldier who is of low intellectual level,
lacks ability to get employed is being seen as superior is an
uncomfortable and unpleasant sight.

Doesn’t your country, the U.S a poor country, which borrows money from China, prejudices people over the skin color,
has great media power such as in the movie industry or sit coms
but is nothing more than that?

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