Google Drive, but

Google Drive, but

Google drive was released.
Google drive is used to save files by using the Cloud service online.
From the name, you might think it will help you in driving
but it’s a Cloud service.
In South Korea, only 10% of the Korean internet users use Google and
Korean sites such as Naver and Daum is used more often.
90% of Korean netizens use Naver, Daum and hardly use
Google except when they need to search things on English.

Naver is an Korean original portal site.
75% of Koreans set Naver as their first web screen.
Naver provides its users N drive which is similar to
Google drive and it can save files up to size of 30GB.
Google drives capacity is only 15GB, therefore
Naver provides twice as much space for files.

Google’s service seems to be better otherwise except in
space capacity, but Korean internet users use
N drive more than Google, so its not likely to be popular in South Korea.

Such as this, American service is not so preferred by
especially Koreans, Chinese or Japanese people.
For example, 11th of November is Solo day (Kwang Koon day) of China.
Last year, main Chinese online companies made profit of over 30 dollars on solo day, three times more than Black Friday of the U.S.
The Boston consulting group announced that,
the number of Chinese people who bought products on
Solo day was over 1million and 300, exceeded the sales
of America on the Black Friday which was over 1 million and 7000.

But, do yo know about the Chinese Solo day?
More people would probably expect, wait for the
Black Friday rather than the Chinese Solo day which is three times greater in size.
The service or people of the U.S do not seem to be
very aware of South Korea, China or Japan.

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