Justin Bieber in Korea

Justin Bieber in Korea

The video of prostitution of Justin Bieber has become hit news.
But the woman who was in the video was found out not to be
a prostitute but a member of the production team in charge of his concerts.
Recently, Bieber rent a house in the area of
Rio dejaenairo while singing in a concert in Brazil,
invited 50 acquaintances and she was one of the invitees.

Justin Biber had a party in South Korea as well.
He had carried out a concert in South Korea on the tenth of
October on the year 2013, G-dragon of the best Boy band
of South Korea performed with him.
After the concert ended, Justin Bieber partied with PSY,
a fellow singer of his management company and G-dragon in a club.

His after party was also issued in the News in South Korea.
The party was carried out very well without much problems.
But the unpleasant news of Justin Bieber was a pity.
As it’s hard for a singer to regain his or her reputation,
I hope that he will get back to his best.

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