Korea New President, Park

Korea New President, Park

2013 Feburary 25th, the 18th President of Korea assume her presidency. 
New president is Geun-Hye Park is the daughter of former president 
Jung-Hee Park once in 1963, once in 1972 and once in 1979.
The Daughter of former president, and first woman president. Everything is unfamiliar.
Yet, Geun-Hye Park will bump the Korean economy up like her father did.
Perhaps it can be the 4th presidency for Jung-Hee Park.

After Jung-Hee Park administration, Korean economy has been grown amazingly, 
and that was unprecedented successful outcome throughout the world. 
Top 10 economic power in the world, Korea, is 
preparing to jump up with new women president.
The Dad who knew well about world economy, and it's her daughter.

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