Korean music is called KPOP.
The audition program, called KPOP STAR 3, which aims to produce budding singers, is broadcasted on every Sunday, at five PM on SBS,
a Korean TV channel (Seoul Broadcasting system). It lasted for two seasons,
numerous singers had debuted by this program,
the singers who had been voted, had won the first place in the K-POP chart.

 The best point of this program, is if you win the competition to be chosen by a judge, you get trained by the management company ran by the judge,
the ones of the judges who are judging the program are the
YG, JYP and Antennamusic
These three companies created the K-POP and promoted it globally.
Perhaps, because of this, numerous people from
all over the world participate in the audition.
The following are the judges of KPOP STAR 3

Park Jin Young (JYP) :
Pak jin young debuted with the album which he produced himself on the year 1994.
He won the 1st on the top of the charts, numerously,
with the songs which he wrote and
earns the most amount of copyright fee in the South Korea.
He wrote the lyrics of Mase (Mase, Mason Durell Betha)’s
"The love you need" and Will Smith’s ‘’I wish I made that’’.
JYP, came up with the groups, Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM, Miss A, Bei (Rain),
one of the main stars of the Hollywood movie, (Ninja Assassin).

Yang Hyeun Suk (YG) :
He debuted as an member of the dance trio called the ‘
’Seo tae ji and the kids” on the year 1992.
He was one of the first people to create the dance music syndrome.
Because of this, many people say that Korean music,
K-POP are the imitations of the songs of the ‘’Seo tae ji and the kids”.
Yang Hyeun Suk, is the representative of YG entertainment, has produced the singers, such as Psy, who sang the song Gang nam style,
which was a sensation all around the world, Big bang,
2NE1 and Epik High who are popular in Asia and Latin America.

Yoo Hee Yeul (YHY, the representative of Antennamusic) :
if Yang hyeunsuk, Park jin young are the masters of dance music,
Yoo hee yeul is an musician and producer of sentimental ballads.
Yoo hee yeul debuted debuted by winning in the music
competition in memorance of Yoo Jae Ha, is the leader of the group “Toy”.
He has great musical talent, been working as a radio DJ,
presentor of music programs, as a celebrity and his appearance in the KPOP STAR 3, means there will be a variety of music in the audition program.

He hopes to break out of his lack of music work,
during a long time by starring in the program, KPOP star 3.
official site of KPOP STAR: http://tv.sbs.co.kr/kpopstar3
Official youtube channel of KPOP STAR 3: http://www.youtube.com/user/KPOPSTAR

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