iPhone 6, samsung galaxy YOUM

iPhone 6, samsung galaxy YOUM

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The Samsung electronics, a Korean company and Apple,
a American company both has shares in the market of smart phones.
Apple released the first smart phone, but Samsung came up with the Android phone, overthrow the sales of Apple from the 3rd part of the year of 2011,
Apple’s sales were high on the 4th part of the year
2012 due to the release of the I-phone 5 but even during that time,
Samsung’s rate of sales were very good.
Afterwards, on the 2nd part of the year 2013,
Samsung has sold seven thousand and Apple sold
three thousand and eight hundred smart phones.

It seems as if Samsung is exceeding over Apple rather than competing against it.
The reason why Samsung is overthrowing
Apple in terms of sales nearly two times is because even though
Samsung is coming up with new products such as the Galaxy S4,
Galaxy note, Galaxy round, Galaxy gear, Galaxy in ordr to stimulate the
interest of the smart phone users , Apple is not doing so,
its complicated method of uses (with I-phones, you have to
download i-tunes before using it).
The only difference in I-phone 3, 4, 5 is just its shape or colors.

Samsung electronics claimed that it was releasing a new smart phone
with ‘three sides’, which are thickly covered on the 15th by the Bloomberg news.

It also added that a new smart phone of which every sides can be
bent was going to be released as well as the (curved), Galaxy round smart phone.

This new product’s side which contains the volume control,
lock key button is covered by the display of it.
The user will be able to see the screen from any angle.
This could help with sending text messages or checking the stock/share.

This uses the latest mechanism of the Samsung electronics called the ‘Youm’.
This has already been adapted on the first bendable
smart phone of the Samsung electronics called the ‘Galaxy round’.
Samsung electronics hasn’t let known the exact date,
but the phone is likely to be released late next year.
When is Apple going to catch up on Samsung?
Its tedious marketing of selling the similar styles of phone of the
I-phone 3 with only difference in color, display will not satisfy the customers.

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