Samsung Round, LG Flex

Samsung Round, LG Flex

Samsung, LG, two Korean companies
have released Smart phones with bendable screens
competitively first time in the entire world.
Only two companies have released these types of phones are
they are Samsung and LG which are Korean companies.

Samsung, a Korean company showed off an electronic
product which had a bendable screen called
“Samsung Round” for the first time in the entire world.
The screen can be bent sideways; the concept of one
 which is in used in cinemas was used for playing games or watch visuals.
LG released a phone which can be bent similarly as Samsung did.
The electrical device which LG showed off was more
easily to use in terms of flexible use of screen which was its competitive factor.

The photo on the top is one of the electrical products
called G Flex which was released by the company, LG.
The images were provided by and found in the
official page of the company, LG.
The following photo is one of the Round,
an electrical device of the Company, Samsung.

Samsung, LG which are Korean companies
released electrical products of which the screens can be bendable.
The electrical devices of the brand of Samsung have been
sold more than the ones of the company of LG.
Samsung, is a company which sells more smart phones
than the company, Apple is the no.1 smart phone seller.
LG, the company is the world’s 3rd and 4th best company which sells smart phones.

So of course, more electrical devices of the company,
Samsung would be sold, however LG is also a tough competition.
A professional of the area has said that the weakness of the company,
LG is that it doesn’t provide products efficiently.
The electrical product of the company, LG had run an event in New York,
of the U.S on early august but the products were
actually started to be sold in September and October in Europe.
But its competitive companies, Samsung electronics,
Apple provided their customers products as soon they were released.

Samsung and LG which are the two competitive companies of South Korea.
As South Korea is a big part of the worldwide market
of smart phones, I hope that it would be reflected on the
service for the customers all over the world.

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