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How much do you know about South Korea?
The flowing is a short explanation of South Korea.
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1. The top 10th country of the world
On the year 1960, there were only five thousand people,
it was economically ranked in the 100th place, but due to
its fast economic growth, globalism, and it’s now in the 10th.
It’s ranked higher than Swiss, Australia, Spain and same as Italy and Canada.
Its economic growth can’t be compared to the one of Hungary, Croatia and Mexico.
South Korea is situated between China, Japan in terms of geography.
It grew economically due to the fact that
China, Japan are the top 1st, 2nd economical empire.

2. The home country of Psy, the singer of Gang-nam style.
Gang-nam style which was sung by Psy was a hit
all over the world on the year 2012.
Korean no. 1 it songs often won the first place on the music charts of Japan,
Taiwan and East Asia but Psy exceeded in Asia as well as the Billboard charts.
Gang-nam is the name of a town, in which rich people
gather to live in such as the Beverly Hills in the U.S.

3. The country which owns the two companies-Samsung and LG
Samsung and LG are Korean companies.
Their main companies are in South Korea.
Most of the Korean use Samsung and LG devices.
Samsung has the highest rate of sales of Smartphones and TVs globally.
The rate of sales of Samsung of Korea was 32%
and the one of Apple of U.S was 12%.

4. The country of Hyundai and Kia motors.
Hyundai and Kia motors are Korean car companies,
their main companies are in South Korea.
The 90% of the thousand cars, which the car owners own are Hyundai, Kia motors,
the other 10% are foreign brand cars such as the
Benz, Ferrai, Fox baggen, Pujo and BMW. Most of the Koreans drive Korean cars.

5. The sports empire
It’s always ranked the 10th place in the Olympics.
It has entered the World Cup, eight times in a row and
its best score of the fourth game.
Pro soccer and baseball are popular but American soccer is not so.
It’s the home country of Taekwondo; Korean players always win the gold medal
in the races of short track and Skate in the winter Olympics.

6. Divided country
The first thing which will come up in your mind
when you hear the world ‘Korea’ is that it’s a divided country.
Korea is the only country which is divided into two parts-the North and South.
North Korea is always on the hot topics, because of its nuclear weapons,
communism, socialism and is always on the cover page of the world news.
Due to this, most of the foreigners don’t know much about South Korea.
The key word of North Korea was searched on Google for
1,220,000 times but South Korea was only so for 90,500 times for one month.

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