Turkey meat is not popular in South Korea

Turkey meat is not popular in South Korea

There are two different meanings of the word, Turkey.
One, is Turkey, a neighboring country of South Korea.
When you look back at the history, it’s of the same descent.
Turkey, has provided numerous soldiers for the Korean war.
When the World cup was carried out in South Korea, on the year 2002,
there was a 3.4th match between South Korea, Turkey and
that match is remembered to be one of the most beautiful match rated by FIFA.

The word, turkey also means the turkey meat.
Numerous turkeys died due to the thanksgiving day of the U.S.
The funny thing is that, a wild turkey had climbed up on to a car,
made a fuss on the front yard, cried loudly day,
night and excreted all over the place so that it was hard to take care of the situation.
Many turkeys will be killed this Christmas,
well try imaging what it would be like the turkeys
which you eat often will attack you on the other hand.

Koreans hardly eat dishes made of the turkey meat.
Chicken is more favored in South Korea.
Koreans steam, fry chicken, eat it for protein intake and eat it often.
You can eat chicken dishes of Asian,
western and Korean style easily in south Korea.
The most favored delivered food in South Korea is fried chicken.
When there’s a baseball, basketball, soccer match on the TV,
friends gather at their home, pub and enjoy
Chi-mak (Chicken and Beer) and have a party.

You will be able to eat various types of chicken dishes
if you come to South Korea. Such as

soy Steamed Chicken (Zzim-Dak) 
it’s cooked in soy sauce with some Chinese vegetables

Seasoning or Spicy Chicken (Yang Nuem Chicken) 
fried chicken, on which spicy sauce made of chilli pappers put on

Chicken stick or Yakitori (Dak - Kochi) 
chicken and vegetables are put on a stick and cooked together

Chicken baeksuk (Baek - Sook) 
chicken is cooked with oriental medical plants and vegetables

Rather than just roasting the turkey in the oven on the thanksgiving say,
Christmas, why don’t you cook it in a Korean way which you can cook turkey with?

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