US Army problem

US Army problem

There’s an army camp in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea.
It’s on the center of, its size is measured to be 3,806,000 yards.
This makes it easier to commute in Gang-book, Gang-nam because
it’s situated at the center of Seoul and there’s hardly any political,
economic crisis or problems in security or harassment so
American soldiers don’t have a great deal to do.
There are soldiers who came to South Korea from the U.S,
they have been causing small and big problems in South Korea.
There are news of them destroying public property,
drink drive every week or so, and a soldier and
his wife drunk drive and shoot and were sent back to the U.S.

They also caused problems in the city of Dae-gu,
which is in the south region of South Korea as well as causing problems in Seoul.

Three days ago, four American soldiers drunk drive,
caused a car accident against a car which 24, 25 years old youths were riding in
and tried to get away but were caught be the police.

I know that, American youths are having a hard time coming to South Korea as soldiers.
Being a soldier is a hard job.
But why are they causing problems in South Korea.
Why don’t they just stay in their country and behave but
come to South Korea, which is a far country and cause problems?

Only 10% of the Korean soldiers cause problems in the society.
How would Koreans think of the American soldiers?
They would think that they are poor, only has a big mouth and
cant get a job in their own country.
Perhaps because of this, Korean youths do not like to talk to the American soldiers.

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