Advertising Korea ?

Advertising Korea ?

In Korea, there are many organizations,
individuals and companies voluntarily advertising Korea.
http://www.forthenextgeneration.com is an Internet site managed by
Gyeong-deok Seo, who is known as an expert in the field of promotion for Korea.
It is very popular among Koreans.
The story about him working with the singer Jang-hun Kim
to put the advertisements for Dok-do and bibimbap on famous media is
very famous among Koreans.
Also, there is VANK (Voluntary Agency Network of Korea/http://prkorea.com)
which is a cyber diplomatic mission.

However, it seems that even if I am quite interested in the process of advertising
Korea, I can hardly remember the advertisements for other countries, which have
been displayed at Time Square in New York or through the Wall Street Journal.
(I think that there are definitely such problems as territorial disputes and history
distortions abroad.) I am aware of VANK because I am a Korean. If I were a foreigner,
I would have no idea about the organization. In fact, I can't remember the names of
those countries experiencing civil wars.

So, it would be quite absurd to tell foreigners that they need to focus on
Korea because Korea is currently experiencing a certain event.
Therefore, I think that it would be better to advertise Korea in a different way through
the Internet by targeting the American people. Even if the size of the target group is
still relatively small, at least 150 people would find more about Korea each day.

Page View for Each Country

Category - Page View
US - 144
China - 14
South Korea - 14
Thailand - 11
Germany - 5
France - 3
Australia - 2
Italy - 2                              
Malaysia - 2
Poland - 2

Around 1pm this afternoon,
144 people got access in the US and 14 people got access in China,
while some people got access in such countries as Thailand, Germany and France.
Even if the English site of Fullkorea.com,
which I have managed, is not very popular in Korea,
I will try my best to let foreigners know more about Korea little by little.

This blog is the Korean version of Fullkorea.com.
The English version of Fullkorea is targeting the Google users and
trying to let them know more about Korea.

go to web: www.fullkorea.com

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