Amanda Seyfried in korea

Amanda Seyfried in korea

Amanda Seyfried visited South Korea.
That day when she came was her birthday.

Amand Seyfried will stay in South Korea,
for about three days, she will do a press interview related to the cosmetic brand,
she is a model of, called Cle de peau beaute,
visit its shop in a department store, star in a beauty commercial,
participate in a TV interview and parties.

You can see the actor, Justin Long in the back of the photo,
he is also an American actor but most Koreans do not know him.
Only the news about Amada Seyfried’s visit to South Korea was an
big issue on the internet.
She will probably do a lot of promotion here,
there but a lot of Koreans do not know that she is an actress and singer.
Her hit film, sit com, name of the movies she starred in,
songs are not known in South Korea.
Of course, the fans of American sit coms, movies ,
pop music will be familiar of her but she is not a big star in South Korea.
How helpful will her visit be to the brand of Cle de beaute?

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