Familiar with SNL Korea ?

Familiar with SNL Korea ?

SNL is a comedy program broadcast by NBC in the US.
SNL stands for Saturday Night Live.
After the format of the program was exported to Korea,
the same kind of program has been put on the air live
every week with various celebrity guests just like the one in the US.
While SNL in the US is organized by a major
broadcasting station, the one in Korea is shown by a
cable broadcasting station. Although the program is
broadcast by a cable TV company, it shows a considerably
high audience rating since a lot of major celebrities appear in the program.
However, the rating is still lower than that
of any other gag program shown by a major broadcasting station.

While the format of SNL was imported from the US, Korea
has exported various formats to several countries.

Many movies, music albums, dramas and cartoons have
been exported to about 40 countries around the world and
the programs based on such formats have been broadcast
by major broadcasting stations.
The Korean music has become quite popular in Asia and Latin America. More than
20,000 tickets for the performances carried out by famous Korean
singers are usually sold only within 1 minute. Super Junior,
a representative Korean dance group, has made a record of
making their song as a No.1 hit on the music chart in Taiwan
for 121 weeks consecutively. Also, the Korean drama,
'Dae Jang Geum (the Jewel in the Palace)' has been exported to 87
countries aroudn the world. It showed the highest audience
rate of 55.5% in Korea and 99% in Sri Lanka. Such a record
is considered to be unprecedented. About 3 billion viewers
around the world have seen the drama.

'Dae Jang Geum ' is a fiction based on the story about a real
person who lived in Korea a long time ago. Korea used to be
run by a royal authority between 1390s and 1910. The drama
was organized based on the story about a woman named
Jang Geum who served one of the kings with a high level of confidence.
The drama was broadcast in Korea between
September 15th, 2003 and March 30th, 2004. It is quite interesting
to see that the drama which was put on the air in Korea
10 years ago is still being broadcast abroad. Another interesting
fact is that the background of the drama is based on the old
Korea, which means that only Korean people can fully
understand such a traditional Korean drama.

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