Google Not Aware of Dokdo Belonging to the Korean Territory

Google Not Aware of Dokdo Belonging to the Korean Territory

South Korea has China in the north and Japan in the east. The Korean Peninsula
is surrounded by the sea on three sides. As a result, there are more than 50
islands belonging to the Korean territory. The Japanese government is showing
a comedy by claiming that one of the islands belongs to the Japanese territory.
The target of the comedy shown by the Japanese government is the island
named 'Dok-do(Liancourt Rocks)'.

There is no need to ask any question regarding the dominum regarding the
island, since it has been within the Korean territory from the beginning. But,
the Japanese government keeps claiming that the island belongs to the
Japanese territory based on its proximity. (In fact, the island is closer to Korea.)
Also, because of the deep-sea resource located under the sea around Dok-do(Liancourt Rocks),
the Japanese government will not give up showing such a comedy.

In the year of 512, the island Dokdo was indicated as one of the
regions belonging to the Korean island, Ulleungdo.
In the year of 1696, the Japanese fishermen promised not to enter the boundaries
of Ulleungdo and Dokdo since they belonged to the Korean territory.
In the year of 1877, an ancient document was found in Japan,
which said that since Dokdo belonged to the Korean territory,
Japan did not have any kind of authority over the island.
The island was indicated as an island belonging to the Korean territory on the
Korean map in 1530, on the French map in 1737,
and on the Japanese map in 1785 respectively.
In the year of 1943, through the Cairo Declaration and the Potsdam Declaration in
which such countries as the US, China and the UK participated,
the statement saying "Japan will also be expelled from all other territories
which she has taken by violence and greed." was applied especially for Dokdo,
which everybody believed belonged to the Korean territory.

Even the Google Map indicatesd Dok-do(Liancourt Rocks) as a Korean island.
(The blue line shows Korea's dominum.)

But, when I looked at the Google Map today,
the name of the island was different. Liancourt Rocks?
As a Korean myself, I have never heard of such a name. I believe
that most Koreans are not aware of such a name either.
Why has Dokdo been named as 'Liancourt Rocks'?

If such a change is a simple mistake made by Google,
it must be corrected at once.
But, if Google changed the name intentionally because it was worried about the
concern shown by the Japanese government based on its comedy,
such a change can be regarded as a great political error.
Why has Dokdo been named as 'Liancourt Rocks'
considering the fact that it belongs to Korea? Every piece of land
belonging to the Korean territory must be named in Korean.
No English, French and Japanese names can be used.