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At 5 pm every Sunday, K-Pop Star, one of the famous music audition programs in Korea, is put on the air. It is already in its third season. All the participants who pass the preliminaries are divided into three groups, "Top", "Middle" and "Bottom" based on their levels. Among them, the final qualifiers for the next round are selected. Today, a little girl named Brodie, who had been put in the "Bottom" group with those members having relatively lower skills compared to others, showed a great level of improvement for her skills and impressed everybody on the show(kpop star 3 audition). She was assigned to Antenna Music.

The song which she chose was David Guetta's Titanium.

The voice of a 10-year-old girl was so clear. Also, her high-pitched tone was just perfect.

Antanna music ceo
JYP Entertainment ceo
YG Entertainment ceo

All three judges were fully satisfied with Brodie. It seemed that another big star was on her way. One of the judges, Hyeon-seok Yang (CEO of YG Entertainment) praised her very highly and said, "I think that I have just seen a miracle." Another judge,

Hee-yeol Ryu (CEO of Antenna Music) was so impressed with Brodie's performance and said, "It seems that she practiced so hard to improve her skills. I almost cried when I saw her performing on the stage. I really want to thank her for her effort." Another judge, Jin-yeong Park (CEO of JYP Entertainment) praised her very highly and said, "She will continue to improve her skills. I am very surprised to see such great effort of hers."

After watching the program, netizens said, "Brodie in K-Pop Star 3 is just amazing. She has shown a great level of development. It seems that the judges can't help loving her." They showed various responses.

Brodie chose Antenna Music which focuses on the training of musicians with great musical talents, instead of such big entertainment companies as YG and JYP. Brodie is currently on the top of the list of real-time search words at Naver.com, one of the popular portal sites in Korea.

Brodie singing all show : http://tvcast.naver.com/v/106856

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