(kwon jin ah) K-Pop Star Girls

K-Pop Star Girls (kwon jin ah)

kwon jin ah Kpop star3

 kwon jin ah kpop star  sang the song
"I have a woman" which is the original song of Jin-young Park,
who is the CEO of JYP Entertainment and a popular singer in Korea.
He composed the song and wrote the lyrics for it before
releasing it in 2001. It is an acoustic dance song.
When he saw the list of songs prior to the performance and found out that
his song was included in it, he said,
"It would be hard to sing this song while playing the guitar." However,
 kwon jin ah kpop star sang the song enthusiastically with her
beautiful voice and guitar sounds based on her sensitivity.

Jin-young Park said, "She is much better than me. Many singers
have sung this song before. I think that she would be the best of all.
I have got many ideas for my own concert by looking at her performing."

Original Video Clip of "I have a woman" (Jin-young Park) sung by
 kwon jin ah kpop star : http://goo.gl/SlomjT

All three judges agreed to pass Chae-young Lee and
Jin-ah Kwon for the next round.
I hope that their passing both participants would lead them to become the
winners of the third season of K-Pop Star.

K-Pop Star Season 3.
It is an audition program broadcast by SBS (Seoul Broadcasting Station),
which is one of the public broadcasting stations in Korea, at 5pm every Sunday.
The winners of the first and second seasons of kpop star 3 have participated in
various TV advertisements and released their albums,
making their way to the top positions of the K-Pop chart.
The program is in its third season at the moment.

The third season of K-Pop consists of 20 episodes.
Today, the fifth episode was put on the air.
A number of young and pretty singer-songwriters were qualified for the next
round, getting a little close to the final round.

One of the participants, Chae-young Lee sang
'The Show' by Lenka from Austria. She participated in the first season of
kpop star, but dropped out of the contest. By looking
at her performing on the stage, one of the judges,
Hyeon-seok Yang (CEO of YG Entertainment whose singers include Psy and Big Bang) said, "I wonder whether I could have this kind of impression by
looking at my own daughter singing. I can see how much
she has tried for this moment over the last two years. She was simply amazing."

Also, Jin-young Park (CEO of JYP Entertainment whose singers include Rain,
the star of Ninja Assassin, 2PM and Miss A) said,
"Whenever I look at Chae-young Lee, I can't stop thinking about
having a chance to train her. I believe that the future of K-Pop depends on her."

Original Video Clip of "The Show" (Lenka)
sung by Chae-young Lee: http://goo.gl/iFC7Jd

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