almeng kpop star | Season 3 Highlights |Almeng, First one

almeng kpop star | Season 3 Highlights |Almeng, First one 

K-Pop Star is in its third season now.
A number of talented singers have had auditions for their debuts as professionals.
The jury consists of famous music producers and planners in Korea.
If those participating in the contest pass their auditions,
they could enter into a contract
with a music company and have their chances to release albums.
Until now, more than 10 amateur singers have had their chances to
release their official albums through the contest.
Also, they have participated in various TV commercials and programs.

YG, the production company of 'Psy'
who is famous of his song, 'Gangnam Style',
JYP, the production company of 'Rain'
who is known for his role in the Hollywood movie,'Ninja Assassin', and
AntennaMusic, the production company known for
its emphasis on the ballad music in Korea,
regardless of its having had no foreign expansion yet.
The jury of K-Pop Star 3 consists of the CEOs of these three companies.
In the third season, we are still able to see
a lot of talented musicians participating in the contest.

 | almeng kpop star |

* Mixed-sex Pair Vocal Group Almeng Kpop star
The female member of the group has a great talent as a singer and rapper.
She got approved by all three jurors.
She and her partner tactfull arranged Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' in a refined way.
almeng is unique sytle performance groupe in kpop star season3.
they will be show creative performance in the stage.
Let's watch  "Almeng kpop star"

* 4 Female-member Dance Group First One
The team dropped out of the second season of the contest.
They tried again for the contest after mastering their skills for a year.
When they were about to drop out of the contest for the second
time, YG made them stay in the contest as a wild card.

* First One participated in the second season of
K-Pop Star last year as a 5 female-member dance group.
One of them now has her chance for the professional debut by
entering into a contract with DSP
Entertainment, the company which has produced albums for
Kara and Rainbow, famous girl groups not only in Korea but also in Japan.
As a result, only 4 remaining members have participated in this year's contest.

K-Pop Star season 3 is an audition program
which has a great level of influence over the Korean music industry.
In fact, those participating in the contest are likely to
become the center of the Korean wave.
The contest is not over yet. There are more talented singers waiting for their turns.

K-Pop Star 3 Full-version: http://tvcast.naver.com/kpopstar3

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