K-Pop Star3 from China

K-Pop Star3 from China

K-Pop Star, one of the most popular audition programs for potential singers in Korea,
is now in its third season with two episodes already put on the air.
Until now, there have been several foreign contestants from
such countries as the US, Australia and the UK.
In the second episode, a contestant named Yao,
who was included among the top ten qualifiers of C-Pop Star,
the copyrighted Chinese version of K-Pop Star,
appeared on the stage and passed the first round with unanimous votes from the judges.

Just like SNL Korea, the copyrighted Korean version of the famous comedy show
SNL (NBC) in the US,
C-Pop Star is quite popular in China.

The Chinese contestant Yao from C-Pop Star sang
'You raise me up' in the first round of the final of K-Pop Star 3 (SBS) on December 1st.
Yao came from Shanghai, China.
He was introduced as a chef of Italian food with 6-year experience.
After listening to his song, the three judges of the show made the following comments.

Antenna Music CEO, Hee-yeol Ryu (Music Producer):
"Even professional musicians are sometimes afraid of starting their songs,
because the introductory part often reflects all the emotions too plainly.
You seem to have a natural tone."

JYP CEO, Jin-yeong Park (Music Producer for Miss A, 2AM, 2PM and GOD):
"You have a beautiful and perfect voice. When I was listening to your song,
I thought about how to help you to successfully hit the high notes.
Your singing the high notes would make everybody,
including both boys and girls, become so much attracted to you and your song.
I hope that you could learn such a technique from somebody."

YG CEO, Hyeon-seok Yang (Producer for Big Bang, Psy and 2NE1):
"These days, the job which attracts my interest the most is chef,
since I am quite dissatisfied with the meals cooked by my wife.
Your real voice will be brought up by Jin-yeong Park in the next round."

Yao passed the first round with unanimous votes from
Hee-yeol Ryu, Jin-hyeong Park and Hyeon-seok Yang.
Will he be included in the top 10 in Korea, or even able to become the winner?

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