KPOP STAR 3 episodes | YAO, Sam Kim, The kids from that village

2nd, 3rd episodes of KPOP STAR 3 |YAO, Sam Kim, The kids from that village

The 2nd, 3rd episodes of K POP STAR 3 were broadcasted on last Sunday.
KPOP STAR has been shipped to China; its name has been changed to C-POP STAR.
As American SNL has been promoted to various countries,
its name has been altered to SNK Korea in South Korea.

YAO, who has an attractive, sentimental voice stayed as one of the no.10 contestants and won the place of top 10, of the C-POP STAR has starred on the KPOP STAR.
He already has 60 thousand fans.
A contestant singer, who has gained fame in the C-POP STAR,
has gotten the chance to be a part of the finals of the KPOP STAR.

South Korea is a divided country.
If you go up north from Seoul, the capital city of South Korea,
there’s the borderline between South,
North Korea which can’t be passed and this is called the 38th line.
South, North Korea is divided by this line, a band called,
The kids from that village’, consisting of high school students
starred in the program as well. They made an instrument called, ‘’Kahon’’,
played it and this performance touched the hearts of the judges due to its funniness.

Sam Kim, who had come from ,
learned to play the guitar on his own only for a year and half.
However, his skills of playing soft guitar sounds,
rhythm were applauded by the judges.
The judge, Yoo hei yeul commented that he would need to learn about
music from him and called him a genius.

In the TV audition program, KPOP STAR has been broadcasted for three seasons,
in it, the representatives of the management companies, JYP, YG, Antenna music,
who are musicians judge, themselves, train the contestants who win,
in their own company, help them to release their
own albums in order to come up with singers of better singing ability.
The nationality of the contestants, vary from Chinese, American, Australian,
mostly Korean ones have won, the contest, the no.1 place in the record charts
and starred in various CFs.

The K POP STAR 3 is a Korean entertainment program.
But, it’s not just entertaining,
but also provides the viewers a glimpse of the true musical passion of the contestants.

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