Lil Wayne's Sampling of the Song Sung by a Famous Korean Singer

Lil Wayne's Sampling of the Song Sung by a Famous Korean Singer

Lil Wayne's Original Silence.
It contains the sampling of "Mulmangcho (forget-me-not)"
which was originally sung by Cho Yong Pil, a famous Korean singer, in 1981.
Cho Yong Pil is known as a legend in
the musical circles of Korea. Also, he is often called the king of singers in Korea.

Cho Yong Pil had his debut performance in 1968.
Prior to his debut, he had worked as a professional guitarist.
He had his first album released under his name in 1979. In the year of 2013,
he released his 19th album with which he got the award for this year's album.
Also, the album showed the greatest amount of sales.
He got every concert fully booked. In Korea, there are so many K-pop stars and
idol groups with a countless number of albums.
However, Cho Yong Pil's album became the best of the best this year.

Lil Wayne's Original Silence

Cho Yong Pil's Mulmangcho (forget-me-not)

The song which was sung by Cho Yong Pil in 1981
has gone through a sampling process for a hip-hop song by Lil Wayne in the US. Unfortunately, not many Koreans are aware of such
a fact, since there are many other pieces of news regarding
Cho Yong Pil. Also, Lil Wayne
is not so popular in Korea. However,
I think that such an attempt is really welcoming.

Lil Wayne

Cho Yong Pil

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