Shin-soo Choo, Going to Texas Rangers

Shin-soo Choo, Going to Texas Rangers

The hottest batter in MLB.
The title belongs to Shin-soo Choo, the Korean baseball player
who is currently playing as a outfielder in Cincinnati Reds.

A total of 8 baseball clubs, including Texas Rangers, New York Yankees, LA Dodgers,
Detroit Tigers, Arizona Diamondbacks, Houston Astros, Boston Redsoxs and
San Francisco Giants, suggested a high salary to Shin-soo Choo.
Among them, Choo chose Texas Rangers and entered into a super
7-year contract with the club for the total salary of 130 million dollars,
which means that Choo will earn 25,000 dollars whenever
he goes to bat. He will pay 37.7 million dollars as taxes over the 7-year period.
Also,he will pay 6.6 million dollars to his scout as a commission.

Shin-soo Choo recorded the on-base percentage of 42.3% and
112 bases on balls this year.
Texas Rangers will have the Korean ace,
Shin-soo Choo at bat in addition to the Japanese
ace pitcher, Darvish, who has recorded the average earned runs of 2.83 with
13 wins and 8 losses together with 277 strikeouts.
Darvish is currently the top pitcher in the league.

Shin-soo Choo started his baseball career as a boy in Korea.
He is now regarded as a big gun in MLB in the US. In his contract terms,
Shin-shoo Choo included the provision
of "The national games of Korea have the top priority compared to any other game."
Shin-soo Choo's baseball bat is the hottest in the world beyond MLB.

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