Sunderland and Chelsea by KI

Sunderland and Chelsea By KI

In the quarterfinal of EPL, Sunderland defeated Chelsea.
After both teams maintained the score of 1:1 for a while,
the Korean midfielder, Ki Sung Yueng, who was put on the
ground after 18 minutes passed in the second half, made the winning goal,
helping Sunderland to win the match against Chelsea with the score of 2:1.

Goal.com gave Ki Sung Yueng 4 points, the biggest grade for an individual player
in both teams. In the UK, SkySports evaluated Ki Sung Yueng highly with an article
under the title of "Ki to Success" which meant that Ki Sung Yueng was "the key of
success". The article said that Ki Sung Yueng maintained his patience in the match
and made an impressive goal in overtime. Meanwhile, most of the presses in Europe
delivered the news about the match between Sunderland and Chelsea with the headline
showing the picture of Ki Sung Yueng roaring. One of them was ESPN.

This year, Ki Sung Yueng was invited to a talk show as a guest.
He said that one of the hosts
(a Korean actress who is 8 years older than Ki Sung Yueng) was his ideal type.
Even if they met each other as a guest and a host for the first time,
they soon got married.

Their marriage was reported exclusively by various entertainment newspapers in Korea.
Ki's wife is still acting as an actress in a Korean TV drama.

Ki's father has worked at the Korea Football Association.
He recognized his son's talent as a soccer player early.
As a result, Ki was able to enter the European league when he
was young. After going through Celtic F.C. in Scotland and
Swansea City in the UK, he is now playing for Sunderland.

After defeating Chelsea, it would be interesting to see how far Ki Sung Yueng will go.

Ki Sung Yeung will participate in the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil
as a member of the national soccer team of Korea.
I hope that he will fully utilize his talent at EPL and World Cup.

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