Caught sight cosmetics from S. Korea, then have your eyes on them

Caught sight cosmetics from S. Korea, then have your eyes on them

Should you recognize S. Korea as only a country with some brands like Samsung, LG and Hyundai Automotive, it must be your misjudgment.
S. Korea also has mostly significant effects on cosmetics market in Asia.
S. Korea, thanks to its geographical position between China and Japan,
has more than 1.5 million visitors from
various Asian countries including Taiwan and HK annually.
Although Korean prices could be higher or almost same with those Asia countries,
but when visiting, they eager to purchase perfumes and cosmetics in MASS!! WHY?
As the Korean cosmetics absolutely have excellent quality
comparing to unit price than they imaged before.

Only at the duty-free shops in Incheon Int'l Airport,
it has been sold KRW 700 billions in a year of 2012.
This is the increased value of 66.6% comparing to KRW 41.45 billions in a year of 2009.
While, the British luxury cosmetic brand, Burberry is trying to
withdraw from Korean market soon.
The Burberry cosmetics, attracted worldwide attention with its unique crested check pattern, had been progressed 1+1 event
That is improper to their insisted “no-sale”policy,
and during their family sale period every product was sold with the price of
KRW 10,000 around. Therefore it caused some speculation of stock exhaustion.
If the withdrawal realized, then it could reveal the remarkable weakened status of
Burberry fashion brand as a case, the relevant businessmen predicted.

The public network CNN showed an extreme interest to the Korean
‘innovative’cosmetic market,
because of its used volcanic ash of Jeju island as raw material.
Practically, a quarter of worldwide mens cosmetics is sold in S. Korea.
Should you catch sight the Korean cosmetics,
then firstly you must be surprised with its low price.

You can find 5 to 6 brands of low priced but high-quality cosmetics in S. Korea.
The Nature-republic, one of them, has been launched on 8 countries,
including Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines,
Cambodia and US etc. In Hawaii, it has 2 branch shops,
on the 1st opening day of the 2nd Hawaiian shop, crowded clients had to line up for visiting.

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