China's 姚伟涛 (Willy Yao) Getting the Highest Compliment from K-Pop Star

China's 姚伟涛 (Willy Yao) Getting the Highest Compliment from K-Pop Star

K-Pop Star is a music audition program which is put on the air by one of the
public broadcasting stations in Korea.
The program is currently in its third season.
The winners of the first and the second seasons have not only become
quite successful in the Korean music market, but also got so popular in such
Asian countries as Japan and China. In particular,
it seems that there are many foreign contestants in the third season.

China's 姚伟涛 (Willy Yao) has survived so far. He is still in the contest.
It is known that the format of K-Pop Star was exported to China and
recreated as C-Pop Star which has become quite popular and
shown the top audience rating in the prime time.
姚伟涛 (Willy Yao) was among the upper rankers in C-Pop Star.
Now, he is competing with others in K-Pop Star.

China's C-Pop Star

China's 姚伟涛 (Willy Yao). After passing the first preliminary round, he received a special
lesson from JYP, who is one of the judges of K-Pop Star and the CEO of JYP
Entertainment. As a result, 姚伟涛 (Willy Yao) has shown great results in K-Pop Star so
far. JYP (He is the CEO of JYP Entertainment, the current company for such
singers as 2AM, 2PM amd Miss A. Rain, who is a singer and actor and starred
in the Hollywood movie, Ninja Assassin which was released throughout the whole
world in 2009, used to be a member of the company.) provided Yao with the
highest compliment and asked him to join JYP Entertainment regardless of the
results of K-Pop Star.

China's 姚伟涛 (Willy Yao).
Due to his sincerity, he has received an invitation from JYP, one of the giant
entertainment companies in Korea. Even if he drops out of the contest, he will
probably make his first debut in Korea just like the previous contestants from
the first and the second seasons.
As the Korean music market has become bigger and its influence in Asia has
become greater, a lot of musicians from other countries are now trying to show
their performances in Korea.

It seems that 姚伟涛 (Willy Yao) will be the first foreign musician from an
official  audition program in Korea.