Fullkorea.com, a Korean blog more widely recognized abroad

Fullkorea.com, a Korean blog more widely recognized abroad

Fullkorea.com started in January 17th, 2010.
I started this blog by myself,
because I believed that Korea had been lowly evaluated abroad.
Now, Aun-Korea, a specialized foreign marketing company,
is helping me. Ironically, Aun-Korea is a Japanese company. In other words,
a Japanese marketing company is helping me to establish the blog that is
used to promote Korea. It is because the company agreed me on the fact
that Korea has been lowly evaluated abroad.

Why has Korea been lowly evaluated abroad?
One of the reasons for such a low kind of evaluation would be the stimulating
news about North Korea, which has been put on the air everyday abroad.
A stimulating kind of news would induce a higher audience or subscriptiuon
rating. In fact, based on the English version of Google,
North Korea has been searched for over 1.22 million cases within a month,
while Korea has been searched for over 130,000 cases and
South Korea has been searched for over 90,000 cases (in November, 2013).

For example, if anyone plans to go to Africa,
an ordinary Korean would say, "Wouldn't it be dangerous to go to Africa?
Wouldn't it be too hot?" However, there is no need for such a concern.
A lot of white people live in Africa,
while English is widely used there. There are many rich people.
Also, you could experience winter there. What is the reason for
so many Korean people to think that everybody living in Africa is black and
it is too hot and dangerous there?
It is because of the media. The media addressing Africa usually show
widelife documentaries or the dark side of the poor social class, since they
believe that stimulating factors would induce more viewers.
It is same for those who see Korea abroad.
Every foreign friend of mine usually says, "Isn't it dangerous in Seoul?
Have you been to North Korea?"

However, South Korea is the 10th largest economy in the world.
Psy's Gangnam Style swept through the entire world.
Also, South Korea made it to the semifinals and was ranked in the 7th position
at the Olympics. Among 200 countries,
Korea can be regarded as a clean and safe country with great infrastructure.
Fullkorea.com is in its 4th year now.
About 500 people visit the website abroad within a week.

More people visited the website from Ukraine, Malaysia, the US and India.
22 people from Korea visited the website within a week.
As time goes by, I believe that there will be more foreigners
who could have right ideas about Korea through Fullkorea.com.

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