Japan, the island country, is always anxious about the territory

Japan, the island country, is always anxious about the territory

Korea was the Japan's colony for 35 years from 1910 to 1945.
Japan invaded not only Korea but also China.
Korea might be the sandwitched country to occupy the great China by
reviewing Japanese invasion operations.

Geographically the right-sided Japan had no choice
to conquer the intermediated Korea to occupy the left-sided China.
All of the Japanese war goods were supplied into Korea.
So Korea was ruled by Japan for 35 years.
But Korea was liberated from Japan in 1945 in success.
And Korea in 2014 presented, that Korea already has been
exceeded the balance of current account of Japan.
According to the presented material of the Bank of Korea and
the Finance Ministry of Japan, the surplus of the balance of current account was
less US$70 millions than Korea.

The Japanese earthquake, the devaluation of yen more than 40%$,
Sony originated from Japan, the sinking of Motorola etc,...
Through various reasons Korea and Japan atr facing the equivalent economic
situation in current, But, do you remember?
Just before 70 years, Korea was the colony of Japan,
and the economical difference between Korea and Japan was more than 6 times
just before 10 years.

Geographically the nearest country is Korea to Japan.
Japan has the characteristic earthquake problem of volcanic island country.
It's said, that it is sinking every 2 cm per year... (it maybe not exact because of rumor)
And at the moment, Japan advertises Dokdo,
the territory of Korea, is the Japanese one through foreign media.
Dokdo, small but unique territory of Korea, it maybe the nearest Korean island to Japan. However, do you know? Under the island there are enormous submarine resources.
For that reason, Japan tries to insist Dokdo for
Japan not for Korean territory. However, in reallity it is different.

Anyone, who can live in Dokdo, is only Korean.
In Dokdo we can find the Korean flag, and protected by Korean policemen.
No Japanese can visit Dokdo.
(Really, some Japanese was expelled at the attempts of landing)
Somebody, who can sell souvenir and food in Dokdo, must be only Korean,
and the income tax through which is paid to Korean Government.
These are all of the rights and obligations only for Korean.
The facts are well known to Japanese young people.
But regretfully, as the political power is very conservative,
it might be a comedy for those,
who want to remember their own glory at that time before 70 years.

The unstable Japanese territory!
We only could give some chance for them to find out wise solution,
and hope not to do the childish insistence.

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