Justin Bieber seems to be quiet only in Korea

Justin Bieber seems to be quiet only in Korea

We heard, Justin Bieber drunk drived.
Now he seems to really strengthen the image of problem kid through
his persistent gossips,
like the wordplay of retirement last Christmas, scribble of the hotel wall,
frequent brothels, drug detection in a tour bus
and damage of the national flag of Argentina etc.

Justin Bieber admitted his spirits and smoking marijuana at Miami, U.S,
as a result of his wild driving of rent yellow Lamborghini.
When he arrested, Chantel Jeffries, his girl friend and a model,
was sitting in the passenger seat.
Justin Bieber was released on US$2,500 after several hours of arrest.

On 10th Oct. 2012, Justin Bieber had a performance in Korea.
After a performance in Korea, he could pass luckily without any big events
except playing at a nightclub in Gangnam, Seoul...
In anyway, he seems to accumulate the image of problem kid by
himself in everywhere except Korea.
Korea, in fact, is a good country for every foreigner to live,
but also a country punishing any troubling foreigner severely.
Korean is an official language in Korea, and English isn't the 2nd foreign language,
so almost every Korean people can speak English to some degree.
That's just thanks to global education system in Korea....
Any foreigner, who cannot speak Korean,
or attempt to abuse Korean kindness, could be isolated almost.

If Justin Bieber managed various eccentric behaviors in Korea also,
then it must be clear, that Korean media judge such behaviors with a
radical measure than any other country.