Korean Lunar New Year is the best holiday, comparable to American Thanksgiving Day

Korean Lunar New Year is the best holiday, comparable to American Thanksgiving Day

On New Year’s Day, January 1st, as a New Year comes, everybody gets a year older.
In Korea we have 2 kinds of date. The one is the western solar calendar,
and the other one is the eastern lunar calendar.
On Lunar New Year, traditionally all family members are gathering at hometown
to celebrate, and bless each other for the best of luck, health and
good prosperity in business.
The Lunar New Year falls on late January or mid-February by solar calendar.

Lunar New Year is the best holiday in Korea with 3 straight holidays.
It could be comparable to Thanksgiving Day in America.
The characteristic difference would be the celebrating food.
The main dish is Tteokguk (rice-cake soup) in Korea, while a turkey is for America.

The cooking method of Tteokguk would be simple. Of course, it must be especially
easy for Korean, but if a foreigner like you tries to cook, then it might not
be so simple with only some explanation.
Firstly, the providing of the food source would be troublesome.
Especially, Garaetteok (bar rice cake), the main ingredient of
Tteokguk and sesame oil (Korean styled),
added at the last step of cooking, might be found in the
neighborhood of Korean restaurant.
In any way let me introduce the way of cooking like under.

Ingredients: Garaetteok (bar rice cake) 670g, beef 100g, egg 65g,
garlic (crushed) 12g, scallion 20g, sesame oil (Korean style) 2g,
soy sauce (Korea traditional) 8g,
salt 8g, laver (powder, a little), water 1000ml

Cooking steps:
1. Boil a beef loaf after soaking.
2. Cut the boiled beef loaf into appropriate-sized pieces,
and put them into the soup of the cooker.
3. Drain off water drop after washing the sliced Garaetteok in the water,
and put the slices into the soup, prepared by 1 & 2 steps,
and boil over medium heat.
4. When the slices are cooked through,
add whipped egg, sliced scallion and crushed garlic.
5. After 2 minutes add say sauce (Korea traditional) and salt,
and then sprinkle laver powder on it, then OK.

The calorie of a bowl of Tteokguk is about 460kcal.
The composing ingredients are all healthy.
Lunar New Year of 2014 is January 31st by solar calendar.
If it’s not easy to cook, then how about to take a bowl of
Tteokguk in a Korea restaurant in Gangnam Style together ?

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