Korean Private Guards Protecting Dokdo

Korean Private Guards Protecting Dokdo

I think that it would be correct to make the statement,
"Korean Private Guards Protecting Dokdo".
Not only the Korean government and various organizations and companies,
but also various broadcasing stations, celebrities and individuals in
Korea try their best to let all the people in the world know that Dokdo
belongs to Korea by investing much power,
effort and time. Why is it necessary to state that Dokdo belongs to Korea,
based on the fact that it is actually a territory of Korea?

It is necessary to make such a statement,
since the Japanese government creates false information regarding Dokdo and
spends about 8.5 billion KRW a year to direct a comedy
which focuses on the process of making all the people in the world
believe that Dokdo belongs to Japan.

The video clip shown above was voluntarily produced by
a group of students at a university in Korea.
(For a reference, please visit http://www.fixyourmaps.com.)
The website was also voluntarily made by the engineers in Silicon Valley
with their technical skills and effort. The video
clip shown below was made by EBS (Educational Broadcasting System) in Korea.

Also, like Fullkorea.com, there is an English individual blog
saying that Dokdo belongs to Korea (http://dokdo-or-takeshima.blogspot.kr).
While Fullkorea.com addresses various
issues and gossips in Korea, the above blog was established to protect Dokdo.

The campaign to protect Dokdo has also been carried out by the Korean government.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Korea had provided the information
regarding Dokdo through its website established in Japanese and English (http://dokdo.mofa.go.kr).

Professor Seo Gyeong Deok is known as an expert for the promotion of Korea.
He has continuously criticized the Japanese government for the incorrect
recognition of the Japanese history through various interviews with
major global presses including the Wall Street Journal
and the national broadcasting stations in Japan and France.
Recently, the China Central Television (CCTV) in China exclusively reported the
news about Professor Seo Gyeong Deok
who had posted the advertisement criticizing Prime
Minister Abe in Japan for the distortion of the JApanese history
on the Internet homepage of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Kim Jang Hun,
who is a famous singer in Korea and known as a close friend of Psy who is
a global star, personally flew to the US and held
"the Dokdo Art Show in New York" at the 131 Greene St. Gallery in Soho, New York.
Also, the sculpture of Dokdo, which had been made by about 40 students at
PRATT Institute in New York, was exhibited. It is known that because
of the Dokdo Art Show, Kim Jang Hun got his concert in Tokyo, Japan cancelled.

The video clip shown below contains the flash mob in
which a lot of citizens participated voluntarily.
They gathered and danced, while making and editing a film and posting it on
Youtube. The background music is "Dokdo is our land".
About 99.99% of the 50 million Korean people are familiar with two songs.
One of them is the national anthem of Korea,
while the other one is "Dokdo is our land".

The flash mob performances have been carried out through out the whole nation.
They are still in progress.

The picture shown below contains the image of a national soccer player
of Korea carrying out his ceremony after making a goal in the game with Japan.
He held the sign board saying that Dokdo belongs to Korea.

In one of the famous show programs in Korea, "Real Men",
the participating groups competed
with each other by making special rhythmic movements for Dokdo.
Their performances were put on the air.

Meanwhile, 50 million people in Korea love Dokdo.
In terms of the past history or the future,
there is no proof for saying that Dokdo belongs to Japan. Now,
the Japanese government says that Dokdo belongs to Japan merely
because it is located "close to" Japan. What a ridiculous comedy it is!

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