The State of Georgia Trying to Induce Kia Motors Corporation

The State of Georgia Trying to Induce Kia Motors Corporation

Did you know?

Korea is a powerful country in the field of automobiles.
There are two major global automobile brands such as Hyundai and Kia from
such a small country as Korea. These brands are dominating the global market.
There are other influential countries in the field of automobiles, including
Germany (Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen), the US (Ford, Chevrolet,
Chrysler and Jeep), Japan (Honda, Toyota and Nissan), the UK (Land Rover,
Jaguar and Bentley), Italy (Lamborghini, Ferrari and Fiat), Sweden (Volvo and Saab)
and France (Peugeot and Citroen). The economies of such countries are also
in the top ten list in the world like Korea. In the meantime, there are much more
countries which have strong economies but cannot manufacture automobiles.
However, it is easy to find the cars manufactured by Hyundai and Kia from Korea
on almost every road in the world.

When Kia Motors Corporation was looking for a foreign place to establish its
overseas automobile plant, the state of Georgia in the US tried to induce Kia Motors
Corporation. As a result, Kia was able to wield strong influence over the local
area. People in the area are now regarding the brand as a symbol of Georgia.
They even consider the plant of Kia as 'the present given by the Lord'.

In 2006, the state of Georgia and Kia Motors Corporation reached an agreement
for the establishment of a plant in the city of West Point, Georgia.
In 2008 when the first employment process was carried out, more than 40,000
people applied for positions at the plant.
In 2011 when the third employment process was carried out, a total number of
45,745 people applied for positions at the plant.

There are 25 business partners of Kia in the area, having created 5,100 jobs.
Also, by considering the ripple effect, it is possible to say that about 0.1 million
jobs have been created.
In fact, the establishment of the plant of Kia has reduced the unemployment
rate in the state of Georgia by more than 3%.
Due to the increasing size of labor population in the state of Georgia, it seems
that the entire local economy has become quite active.

The state of Georgia has even named an expressway after Kia Motors
Corporation and established a railroad network. The state government of Georgia
has built a training center with the size of about 6,600 square meters for the
company and provided it with such great benefits as the subsidies for the
creation of jobs and the on-site job training together with tax concessions.
The people in the state of Georgia have even put up the sign saying 'Thank You
Jesus for Bringing Kia to Our Town' in their yards.

Korea has kept running.
In your eyes, what does Korea look like?

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